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Wallem offers thrill-seekers a fun game in which to earn real money. It is the ultimate augmented reality game in which you compete for and collect cryptocurrencies, including BitCoin and Ethereum, in the real world using your mobile phone. This cryptocurrency can then be kept in your wallet or exchanged for real money. Wallem pits you against rival players from your neighbourhood and city. You can play alone or as part of your very own gang, competing and battling for cryptocurrency and control of your territory. Catch cryptocurrency tokens scattered around your city and snatch them from rival players, and use weapons and tools to attack rival players and fend off attacks.


Catch cryptocurrency tokens within a radius of 10 metres from your real-world physical position and exchange them for real cryptocurrency. The more tokens you Catch, the more money you earn! All in augmented reality via your mobile phone. You can also catch special battle items to use against rival players. Once your Catch is successfully completed, the new tokens are transferred to your Open Wallet and unavailable to other players.


Take tokens from other players’ Open Wallets with Snatch, up to the value of $50 each time! The more players you Snatch tokens from, the more you can earn. Target your victim, lock them in your in-app crosshairs and Snatch! Or play together with your own gang and carry out gang Snatch attacks on rival players. But beware of rival players aiming to Snatch your own Open Wallet tokens.


You have two different wallets: Open Wallet and Secure Wallet.

The Open Wallet allows you to collect tokens immediately without providing any personal data or going through the registration process. But careful, tokens inside your Open Wallet can be “snatched” by a rival player that launches a Snatch attack on you from up to 10 metres away!

The Secure Wallet is a completely secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Rival players cannot access tokens that you store in your Secure Wallet or wallet contents information.

After you accrue $50 or more, you can transfer your tokens to your Secure Wallet, where they are safe from rival players.


An essential part of the game and key to your success, your Feed is where you receive notifications. These include warnings when you are under attack, when there’s an upcoming token launch near you and many more. Understanding your Feed is essential to becoming a Wallem master, and catching and snatching as many tokens as you can.


Play Wallem together with friends and form your very own Gang.

As a gang:

  • Launch Snatch attacks together
  • Defend and control your territory
  • Share information about upcoming token airdrops
  • Communicate in real-time via your gang’s in-app chat

Make it social with your own Gang and play the game in a whole new way!


Your Radar is what guides your every move. It shows you what type of tokens are in the surrounding area, how much they’re worth, rival players on the move, special battle items and much more. And as your skills improve, your Radar increases in size, from 100 up to 1,000 metres. So you can see even more.


Use the Shield to protect a token or a different special item on the map from capture by a rival player. The Shield is also a powerful battle item when playing as a Gang, helping you gain and maintain control of your territory. The Shield Breaker is a special item that allows you, your fellow gang members or rival players to weaken a shield’s strength. Use both the Shield and Shield Breaker strategically to win tokens and defeat your rivals. Both items can be located scattered across the map or purchased as IAPs in ETH, BTC, SGM or in US dollar.

Stop and block a Snatch when under attack with Attack Elusion. If you are under a Snatch attack, you receive an alert notification that you are under attack and that you have two options to stop the rest of your Open Wallet being snatched: use Attack Illusion or move beyond 10 metres of your attacker. Attack Illusion can be located scattered across the map or purchased as IAPs in ETH, BTC, SGM or in US dollar.

Disappear from enemy radars with Invisibility. One of the most effective special items in the game, Invisibility offers you both defensive and offensive advantages. Use Invisibility when under Snatch attack, helping you to evade your attacker. Or use it before starting a Snatch attack of your own. Invisibility can be located scattered across the map or purchased as IAPs in ETH, BTC, SGM or in US dollar.

As you compete and search for tokens to catch and snatch, the distance from your targets represents one of the game’s greatest challenges, as you try to get there before your rivals. Enter Magnetic Lazo! This special item allows you to pull all tokens and other special items towards you from a specific area of the map. Magnetic Lazo combines perfectly with the Shield, especially when playing with your Gang, helping you gain and maintain control of your territory.

Attack all players around you instantly with the Bomb. A powerful weapon in your arsenal, Bomb “shakes” all rival Open Wallets within ranges of between 10 metres and one kilometre. This empties the wallets completely, allowing you to Catch new tokens. But, be careful, as all other players in the area will also be able to Catch these tokens.