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Why be an Alpha Tester

As an Alpha  user, you will have first access to our brand new features and be using an early version of the app not yet available on the App Store or Google Play. That means you get to see and play with an exclusive version of the app. To become a Wallem Alpha tester you have the opportunity to collect Crypto – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more – immediately during our events.  While we always make every effort to fix issues, the Alpha version may have bugs from time to time as you use experimental features. By using the app, you help us directly with issues and bugs so that we can fix them and send out updates ASAP.

How to become a Tester

To join the Alpha Program for Wallem App, please fill out the form below and follow the directions. Be sure to use a valid email. You will be emailed links to download the Alpha version of Wallem. Important: testers are hired only during our events, please check section “events” to discover the next one.