Ibiza | $50k


WHEN : September 10-11, 2018

WHERE : Ibiza (multiple locations)

HOW MUCH : 50.000 Usd


Wallem arrives on the most lively island of Spain: Ibiza, 10th and 11th September 2018. During these days, you can catch cryptos placed around the most famous Spanish island, testing the app and getting in touch with our team. We will spread tokens in the coolest places on the island, and we will present you the project. There will be $ 50,000 in tokens to catch and the display in app is set up to 100 meters radius from you, so prepare scooters, cars and boats to go catching. Yeah, even boats: because this time the most interesting tokens you will find them even in the open sea. Disclaimer: the airdrops were also realized in commercial activities (clubs, discotheques, restaurants and tourist activities) that have joined the Wallem project and have been pleased to host us to make their reality known. We invite you not to enter private properties without explicit consent from the owner. Wallem does not take any responsibility for violations and / or accidents caused by / to players. Only 100 new testers will be admitted, to take part in it make your request on this form