London | $43k


WHEN : 15th June 2018

WHERE : South Bank, Observation Point, UK

HOW MUCH : 43.000 Usd


On June 15th, London hosted the inauguration of the sculpture “Crypto Connection”, commissioned by Eidoo, a Swiss company that has produced an easy and intuitive wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and all tokens. Created by the contemporary artist Federico Clapis, the statue is three meters high and it is made of bronze in order to prompt questions about the future of global finance and what impact the blockchain and cryptos will have in our daily lives. June 15 was not only an opportunity to watch Clapis’ work and talk to the entire Eidoo team, it has also been presented Wallem by its entire team. Wallem spread tokens during that event for a total of 43.000 USD available only for 50 new testers admitted in that event. Among tokens around in London there were : Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Eidoo (EDO), Sgame (SGM), Multiversum (MV), InsCoin (INSC), HiHealth (HIH) and Pigzbe (WOL).