Lugano | $30k


WHEN : 7th June 2018

WHERE : Parco Ciani, Lugano

HOW MUCH : 30.000 Usd


On June 7th, Lugano hosted one of the most important event on blockchain and crypto: the ICO Race, a competition where 20 ICO aspirants competed to win $ 1,000,000, services offered by the organizers and listing on one of the most important exchanges in the world. Main Sponsor of the event was ICO Engine, the Eidoo platform for launching new Initial Coin Offering projects. Alongside ICO Engine, a series of entities focused around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, such as Bitfinex, Cryptolab, The Cryptonomist, The Crypto Valley Association, Cryptopolis, Cryptocompare, Sgame and many more. A reason why this ICO Race has been an unforgettable adventure was the exclusive world presentation of Wallem, a new app similar to Pokemon Go but to capture tokens. Players can collect (catch) the tokens they find on the territory and steal them (snatch) from each other, using their device in AR + at close range. The coolest thing? A full BitCoin to catch in the middle of the lake.